Automotive Magnetism “Excalibur”#12…

brooks-stevens-car-design brooks-stevens-car-design

As a young boy I loved building models of cars. In the early 1950’S I built a plastic model of a1928 Mercedes SSK that car always stood

“the inspiration”
“the inspiration”

out in my mind. 30 years later a friend of mine and I looked into a plan to buy new Ford Pintos and Use the components to assemble and sell SSK replicas, at that time there were kits available to do this from Pinto front engine design or VW rear engine; the kit manufacturer was based out of Florida. Spring ahead to The First Sunday in June at the Hollywood Car Show “From down the street you could see a Beautiful Gleaming White and Chrome Front of at a quick glance Looked like that SSK.  Closer inspection revealed a fabulous Series IV Excalibur…Here are are some links about Brooks Stevens its designer and original manufacturer…the Mercedes SSKHis inspiration for the car…and the company who is involved in preservation of this Born and Built in America Classic…

hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 007

 hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 013 hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 012 hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 011 hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 010hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 008hollywood car show sunday 5-2-15 009Thank you for your interest.                                                                             Check out the entire alan b. meschkow group:                                       Web:–                                             Face book: allthingsabmadcouncil                                                                            Blog: abmadcouncilblog                                                                                                  You tube: abmadcouncil video channel

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