Automotive Magnetism “Henry J”#16


Like John DeLorean and Malcolm Bricklin Henry J Kaiser bucked the Detroit auto industry and boldly named his car after himself However not by his family name; by his first and second name initial“Henry J”
hjg1hjg2was manufactured by a company that bore his last name”Kaiser”and fellow industrialist “Fazer” to form “Kaiser Frazer”. Mr. Kaiser was involved in buiding the “Hoover Dam”, roads in Cuba, Liberty & Victory Ships, developing Hawiai’I Kai community, owned Willies Overland of Jeep  fame and Kaiser Broadcasting company…                                                                                     Mr. Frazer his Partner in the automotive area was a well known and Respected executive involved with Chrysler, Willys Overland, Graham Paige and was the namesake for his own “Fazer” automobiles and farm equipment            Back to the Car the Henry J was introduced in 1950 as an inexpensive no frills car. It originally sold for  $1,300. There was no glove box or trunk lid and seats were covered in a woven paper material. Sales fell well below expectations so Kaiser turned to Sears to sell a special model and established factories in Japan and Israel to market cars. All said and done approximately 131,700 cars were sold. During a similar one year time period 1,346,475 Chevrolets were sold. 1955 marked the end for Kaiser Frazer.                                         Today you very rarely see an original Car…however they are still popular for small bodied drag machines.

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