Automotive Magnetism “Utes” #22


“UTES” or I did not know that was Australian!   In 1925 Henry Ford Established an Outpost of the Ford Motor Company in Australia. This companies factories have been producing Ford products forAustralia and New Zealand ever since. In 2016 the manufacturing

ute 1

ute 3facilities will close due to increased manufacturing cost and diminishing demand. In the 1930’s the Great Depression hit the economy of Australia very hard as it was a huge agriculture producer, Farmers could not get bank loans for cars. Cars were looked at as luxury items, however trucks weren’t. When one farmers wife wrote Henry Ford a letter asking for a vehicle that   ute 2
could take her to church on Sunday and deliver her pigs to market on Monday his answer was the Half 1934 Ford closed cabin front and utility bed back. This vehicle caught on quickly the “UTE” short for ‘Utility Coupe” has become part of Australia’s Culture. Over the years Americans have had their share of “UTES” but in Australia and New Zealand they are  a part of everyday life.
austrailian utes 5
austrailian utes 6
austrailian utes 3
austrailian utes 2
austrailian utes 1

austrailian utes 7 copySome American adaptations are: Ranchero, El Camino and Brat. In Australia they are Holden, Ford Falcon, Mighty Boy, Brumby, Proton Jumbuck, Chevy Montana, and a whole bunch more.

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