The only reason you buy anything!water-picture-mergedNeed…It all begins the moment you realize you need something; it’s the process of acquisition. Where will I get it? Where will I look for it, where will it be, do I know the path of ownership, do I know who has what I need, am I sure I need it, can it wait; what if all you need is water? People need water to survive, without water you will die in a very short period of time; that’s a fact.

So water in its most basic form is definitely a need. Put you in a position where there was no water, the time required to find it would become critical and intensify the need. People take water for granted and forget they really need it. Merchants can benefit by recognizing NEED in buying cycles.

Want…You’re out for a Sunday drive and you need a drink of water. You look around, see a roadside vendor selling blank labeled bottles of water  and you drive by, your NEED has just changed to WANT. You look for a specialty Gourmet Market, park your car, walk in, you find the selection of premium bottled spring water  and your favorite brand is not there, Panic sets in “I want my water”  I am sorry  we are out of your brand but we have these excellent selections for you to sample. Three beautiful glasses appear; Better… Better… Best! You sample, taste, enjoy and WANT that ONE!

Merchants NEED to recognize that NEED, can drive the opportunity to satisfy a WANT and a strong marketing plan can help convert a basic sale to one that surpasses the customers’ expectations…That’s called Maximizing the Sale.

Advertising’s job is to deliver customers, Marketing’s to complete the sale…don’t Advertise, without a Marketing plan.

alan b. meschkow “Speaking from Experience”


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