Dealing with Disappointment…or they fixed it!


In 2006 after returning from a trip to California I picked up a gift from my wife. A brand new 2007 Pontiac Solstice a fairly well equipped one with upgraded wheels, tires, and, handling package. Its Ming Blue Clear Coat Paint is Brilliant in the Sun. We have had many years of enjoyment from this manually operated drop top that has been
meticulously maintained. When the original Guarantee ended I immediately put on a bumper to bumper General Motors Service Contract. During the term of the contract GM sold and repurchased their extended warrantee division. Even though this is a small two-seater with a manual top it requires a fair amount of service, computer parts and, fine tuning; for that reason when my first bumper to bumper expired I took another one. These contracts are not cheap at $3,500. Because of low mileage my car was approved for another 30,000 miles or 3 years.

The Solstice spends half the year in New York and Half in Florida. I prefer to only service it at Riverhead Buick GMC in New York. To save mileage and make life easy we ship our car back and forth with Auto Plane Transport., A week after arrival my Solstice started to downshift slamming from one gear to the next. This is where the story begins…

First off I knew from past experience there was an electronic malfunction; because last time it happened a shift module had to be changed…caching…caching. Here I am in Florida the car had been completely serviced and detailed before leaving New York. My experience with Florida dealers has not been the greatest. Early the next morning I drove my car with some apprehension to Vera Buick Cadillac. I was immediately Impressed; after pulling in to an enclosed service reception area “Edwin Montoya” greeted me, we reviewed my problem I presented my GM Service Contract and he treated me and my problem like one of a well established customer. He advised me I could get a rental under the terms of my contract; but it would be my responsibility if the repair did not qualify. Instead he suggested they would provide free transportation home. Later that day he called me and advised that certain modules had to be replaced at a cost of more than a thousand dollars; however my plan would not cover it…

Instant dismay I asked Edwin Why? He answered “your new contract requires the car to complete 1000 miles and 30 days before the policy activates”. My reply “W___ B___S__T!” Edwin suggested I call GM and discuss. I called GM and was told exactly what I had been advised. Well that’s when I said I would like to speak to a supervisor. I was connected to Jesse Begnal a service supervisor, after a lengthy review of my problem that included my total disappointment and being an owner of three of their products I said; “My car has been under a GM contract since birth how dare you require a time and mileage requirement to qualify for a claim!”  He replied with, “you have a good point and I will bring that upstairs at this evenings meeting”.

Satisfaction the following morning he called to report my claim was approved and was sorry for the denial. They called the dealer and approved the repair. Part of the denial of my claim was that my original contract was not with GM. I advised him that during the term of the fist contract GM had sold off that Division and then bought it back. When my car was ready Vera Buick Cadillac came to my home and picked me up. The car is back to running beautifully.

Many people abuse the goodwill of companies, I believe when a legitimate complaint is issued and resolved they have earned your loyalty. In this case GM did the right thing and Vera provided services GM should be proud of. Customer service is what builds sales and that’s what it’s all about!

Thanks to all…

Ready to Run…

alan b. meschkow

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