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Since the beginning of my career like it or not I have written creative or information based copy. In my quest to create art that works I have sat through meeting after meeting where creative ideas were volleyed back and forth and left with the task of,  meshing art and copy that followed.

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Sometimes it was a meeting on how to catalog items and specs, sometimes annual report cover letters, sometimes product copy or sales material, sometimes company direction or position that had to be formulated. The fact was if I wanted to serve a client’s needs I had to listen carefully, sculpt their thoughts into copy that was satisfactory, and delivered a believable message.In the print media world especially ROP, expletives’ were handled with caution and copy standards were rigid and informational, TV and Radio was geared more for top of mind awareness; however any multi media campaign had to have continuity for its greatest success .

As an advertising generalist, on a daily basis I could go from one extreme to the other; Imagine going from creating gag gifts to Vitamin Supplements or Home security systems to EPA approved drugs, or kitchen cabinets to dry cleaning supplies, or private label credit Cards to private sales, and retail campaigns to b to b. For most of my career the visual image has been at the forefront.  It has been words driven by visual images, layout and design allowing for copy to come, creative typography or logos requiring key phrases and advertisements with clever or evocative headlines.

When I decided to launch my blog I spent a lot of time deciding what type of posts I would be creating. This new endeavor was

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driven by a completely different need. It is almost like launching a conversation from both sides of the fence. I aim at offering opinion, facts, professional experience, and personal interests.

My entire career has been about using my artistic skills for financial gain. This new effort is about enjoyment of what I am doing in the hopes that it helps, inspires, or even entertains. In many ways this is the antithesis of “creating art that works, not works of art”. My words have become  “brushstrokes on a palette” and what I am writing about the driving force for any graphics; remember none of my articles are fee based.

When you release advertising media to the market place you quickly learn about posting correction letters. You also learn that one error can become a million based on circulation, viewers or listeners. For that reason my professional endeavors were and still are subject to intense review before exposure. I am sure that there are hundreds of errors buried in the work of great artisans; they knew where they were, many of us never noticed them; because of the personal level of what I call “ conversational literature” I have

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chosen to use a basic spell check, and so as not to change my thoughts; I ignore many of the tense and writing suggestions because they would change my direction. I use books I am motivated to read, intense searches on the net, personal conversations with contacts and my own professional and personal experience to develop my offerings. I never copy or paste blocks of copy from others; I use their thoughts to develop the stories I write. I read, overwrite, and juggle thoughts. Once I decide on a topic I search my visual files for graphic ideas, and then I run a mental check list, create a file, a word document and start reading and logging references.   I read and distill, after a few days I start a draft, very often I share with others pieces of what i am working on. Once I am satisfied I have a good talk-able conversation I commit to the word document. Many times I find more information that inspires other topics or information. It is almost like the research process is an extended conversation. When I am satisfied that all materials are in place I transfer the word document and visual files into the WordPress editor and start the preparation and review process.

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One of the beauties of WordPress is the preview process. I work with the” Twenty Fourteen Theme”. I spend time and do several reviews prior to publishing. When you finish your text you have the opportunity to follow many editorial suggestions; I usually refrain from following these suggestions, however because I have never been good at spelling  I pay closer attention to those corrections. Practice makes perfect…I am sure my spelling has improved as well as my understanding of the English language. For the first time in my career I am offering what’s on my mind not solving a need or want of a client.

I hope when you read my articles you feel as if we are having or have had a conversation. Please, remember no one thinks about spelling, commas or quotation marks when speaking; human interaction takes care of that. If you want to know a little more about me check out ad man’s chronicle.

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