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200 yards in 12 Seconds or Greyhounds, Whippets, and Jaguars

In the early days of the American Automobile Industry many strange things happened that shaped the industry into the brands we know today. Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company were not immediate successes, Henry Ford presented
Our  Whippet Zara and CJ our sons…
his plans for the Ford Quadricycle to Thomas Edison, Cadillac was an outgrowth of Henry Ford’s second Bankruptcy, Lincoln became part of Ford as revenge for the actions of Henry Leyland and, Edsel Ford did far greater things than the car named for him. Woven in this amazing evolution were some pretty spectacular works of art, and machinery. 

Recently we became the owners of a champion bred Whippet watching her run with her brother is an example of the beauty and grace that inspired the radiator and hood ornaments of iconic brands from years gone by, and the catalyst for this article. Continue reading 200 yards in 12 Seconds or Greyhounds, Whippets, and Jaguars

Two Brothers named “Crosley” One who thought it…one who asked “how much are you willing to invest?”

Crosley Factory Circa 1945

Crosley Factory Circa 1945

Inspiration…It was a Monday morning and I was off to play golf with a group of my friends. Car talk turned to me mentioning an obscure brand of cars the Crosley and my friend Joe replying with fond memories of he and his brother both iron workers traveling to work in his brothers Crosley and its horrible fate, being crushed by a truck while parked. This conversation led me to doing some research and finding out the story of the two Crosley Brothers. 

The story starts… before the French and Indian war when the west was an area colonized by settlers in what are now Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. The Crosley Clan Continue reading Two Brothers named “Crosley” One who thought it…one who asked “how much are you willing to invest?”

Automotive Magnetism “Excalibur”#12…

brooks-stevens-car-design brooks-stevens-car-design

As a young boy I loved building models of cars. In the early 1950’S I built a plastic model of a1928 Mercedes SSK that car always stood

“the inspiration”
“the inspiration”

out in my mind. 30 years later a friend of mine and I looked into a plan to buy new Ford Pintos and Use the components to assemble and sell SSK replicas, at that time there were kits available to do this from Pinto front engine design or VW rear engine; the kit manufacturer was based out of Florida. Spring ahead to The First Sunday in June at the Hollywood Car Show “From down the street you could see a Beautiful Gleaming White and Chrome Front of at a quick glance Looked like that SSK.  Closer inspection Continue reading Automotive Magnetism “Excalibur”#12…

Automotive Magnetism “1948 PLAYBOY” #10

IMG_2394.40135103_std[1]In 2014 at a car show in South Florida I snapped some pictures of a curious little car. It wasn’t until some time after that I looked into what I photographed. If you read the specs on the car and check out the links you will find:                                                                                                         1. It was far ahead of its time for 1948.                                                                                                                             2.The logo on its hood was ever so similar to an iconic brand that               was and is regarded as automotive royalty.                                                   3.That its name and logotype influenced the creator of a  magazine                                                                                                                                   

Continue reading Automotive Magnetism “1948 PLAYBOY” #10