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a lifelong commitment to advertising and marketing as an evolving career path for over six decades…is described and documented in the “adman’s chronicle”

Conversational Literature

about my motivation & style…

Since the beginning of my career like it or not I have written creative or information based copy. In my quest to create art that works I have sat through meeting after meeting where creative ideas were volleyed back and forth and left with the task of,  meshing art and copy that followed.

speaking at a newspaper in education presentation

Sometimes it was a meeting on how to catalog items and specs, sometimes annual report cover letters, sometimes product copy or sales material, sometimes company direction or position that had to be formulated. The fact was if I wanted to serve a client’s needs I had to listen carefully, sculpt their thoughts into copy that was satisfactory, and delivered a believable message. Continue reading Conversational Literature




Chapter 2

Getting to know me…have you read Chapter 1

Bends in the Road

When you are tall it’s hard to hide, When you’re tall you sit in the back of the class, when you’re tall your good at basketball, when you’re tall you usually have to grow into yourself, and when you’re tall you see things from a different angle. By the time I was 13 I was six feet tall. I was still sitting in the back of the class and never had to look back at anyone. I saw everything the entire class was doing no one watched me. I learned how to watch, listen, observe Continue reading GETTING STARTED II…

To Kern or Not to Kern…”that is the Question”


There is a technique in typography that back in the days of hot metal type and letter press was more difficult to use because it was a mechanical process. Having been in this industry long enough and being young enough to remember the transitions in typography I personally have been using this technique for over Five Decades. Continue reading To Kern or Not to Kern…”that is the Question”

getting started…


Chapter 1

Getting to know me…

A little bit of history

I guess you could say I am a product of my environment…I was born May 27, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. My parents were a typical middle class couple. My Father had a plumbing shop and my Mother was the homemaker and full time Mom. The Grandparents I knew, only one from each side were business people my mother’s father owned a hardware store and my father’s mothers family was Continue reading getting started…