getting started…


Chapter 1

Getting to know me…

A little bit of history

I guess you could say I am a product of my environment…I was born May 27, 1945 in Brooklyn, New York. My parents were a typical middle class couple. My Father had a plumbing shop and my Mother was the homemaker and full time Mom. The Grandparents I knew, only one from each side were business people my mother’s father owned a hardware store and my father’s mothers family was Continue reading getting started…

the love of automobiles “My 2007 Solstice”


When it comes to cars I have had a lifelong interest in them. Over the years I have owned quit a  few…Not all were the greatest rides but some were cool! If you check out “the alan meschkow video channel” the cars of my life are there. My current favorite ride is a super clean, nearly bone stock 2007 Solstice. It never sees winter and gets transported from NY to FL as I move to avoid the cold NY winters and damp FL summers. Here’s some recent shots.


Continue reading the love of automobiles “My 2007 Solstice”

speaking from experience

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