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My career has bridged over six decades, in the advertising and marketing industry. Having experienced working for: agencies, studios, publishers, manufactures, distributors, organizations, business to business, retailers, catalogers and e-tailers as an employee, consultant, or supplier provides a base of knowledge both practiced and proven. Creating, then manufacturing and fulfilling items of all kinds has built an extensive knowledge bank of how to get things started and done. Providing practical analysis of Product to Market and Market to consumer has been at the forefront of my career. Creating “art that works… not works of art” and looking at things “where they live” are the focal point of every project. As a result of my involvement and a commitment to these basics, many of the companies served have survived, grown and prospered. To learn more about me and follow my weekly posts log on and like “allthings abmadcouncil” on face book alan b.meschkow 11/21/2014


Thoughts on Mass Media and Audience Driven Markets…
 I have always looked at businesses as living breathing entities. Just like the people who own them and the people who frequent them; businesses are affected by time and the changes time brings.

My years in the adverting industry during the mid 1960’s through the early 2000’s were dominated by traditional retailing and B to B activities. At first new technology and computers changed the Continue reading AMAZON DAZE!


“If you own a Condominium in Florida or are considering owning one this article may interest you…”

one of the many condominiums along South Ocean Drive

Condos at the beach along South Florida’s Gold Coast have been part of that environment since the 1960’s and 70’s. Victor Posner developed many of the condos along A1A in Hallandale. Since the Continue reading CONDO OWNERS…HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR VOTE?

Conversational Literature

about my motivation & style…

Since the beginning of my career like it or not I have written creative or information based copy. In my quest to create art that works I have sat through meeting after meeting where creative ideas were volleyed back and forth and left with the task of,  meshing art and copy that followed.

speaking at a newspaper in education presentation

Sometimes it was a meeting on how to catalog items and specs, sometimes annual report cover letters, sometimes product copy or sales material, sometimes company direction or position that had to be formulated. The fact was if I wanted to serve a client’s needs I had to listen carefully, sculpt their thoughts into copy that was satisfactory, and delivered a believable message. Continue reading Conversational Literature

Dealing with Disappointment…or they fixed it!


In 2006 after returning from a trip to California I picked up a gift from my wife. A brand new 2007 Pontiac Solstice a fairly well equipped one with upgraded wheels, tires, and, handling package. Its Ming Blue Clear Coat Paint is Brilliant in the Sun. We have had many years of enjoyment from this manually operated drop top that has been
meticulously maintained. When the original Guarantee ended I immediately put on a bumper to bumper General Motors Service Contract. During the term of the Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment…or they fixed it!

200 yards in 12 Seconds or Greyhounds, Whippets, and Jaguars

In the early days of the American Automobile Industry many strange things happened that shaped the industry into the brands we know today. Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company were not immediate successes, Henry Ford presented
Our  Whippet Zara and CJ our sons…
his plans for the Ford Quadricycle to Thomas Edison, Cadillac was an outgrowth of Henry Ford’s second Bankruptcy, Lincoln became part of Ford as revenge for the actions of Henry Leyland and, Edsel Ford did far greater things than the car named for him. Woven in this amazing evolution were some pretty spectacular works of art, and machinery. 

Recently we became the owners of a champion bred Whippet watching her run with her brother is an example of the beauty and grace that inspired the radiator and hood ornaments of iconic brands from years gone by, and the catalyst for this article. Continue reading 200 yards in 12 Seconds or Greyhounds, Whippets, and Jaguars